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  • Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! 
    Sis! Sis! Sis!  
    Boom! Boom! Boom! Bah!
  • We had a GREAT time at Reunions!  Who wouldn't?   Here's why.


a) Once you have a place to stay, it's free!  The major reunion classes host the off-years.

b) Same great dancing, great conversations and (this year) phenomenal weather.

c) Class of '81 puts on a darn good program.  Lunch, P-Rade, Dinner - lots of chances for '81 encounters

d) Old friends!  OL calling my name for a walkway conversation - delightful.

d) Make new friends!  MM shared a room with me one year and ever since we talk more and more.  It's great!

e) Insider in a weekend!  I don't read the PAW so I get a PU refresher course.

f) Friday night at the grad college in the moonlight - insanely pretty.




  • It really is the best damn place of all.  


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